About RADform

RADform is about seductive, sophisticated, and whimsical furniture, lighting, wallpaper and accessories.


Many retailers sell modern furniture, but few have an educated connection to design, art and architecture. RADform has the unique advantage of its Founder and Design Curator, Golbou Rad, has been working in the architecture and interior design fields for over a decade. She also draws upon her distinctive upbringing to provide a comprehensive view into the world of architecture and design for her clients.


At an early age, Golbou was exposed to great design through her family’s travels and multi-continent relocations. Growing up in her parents’ strictly modern homes that were renovated, and furnished, with great attention to detail, instilled in her a strong sense of design appreciation.


She spent her early years amongst the shores of Cote D’Azur and then Paris, followed by shorter stints in Los Angeles, the Middle East and extensive travels through most of Western Europe. She moved to Toronto in her late teens, and earned a Bachelor of Architecture and Masters of Urban Design from University of Toronto, one of North America’s top Architecture Schools.


She has been applying her Architecture and Interior Designer skills at some of the most respected architecture and design firms, while working on many award-winning buildings since 1998.


Transitioning between the complementary worlds of architecture and interior design, she found herself furnishing newly built or renovated luxury custom houses, lofts and condominiums for clients, to achieve a cohesive design for their new space.


She soon began to travel to all major international design trade shows and design weeks for inspiration and sourcing. In her travels she has discovered many of her favorite new brands, most of which were unfortunately not available in Toronto. Golbou Rad’s ongoing search for items that meet her uncompromising standards has led to the creation of the new retail venture, RADform. 


RADform believes that furniture should tell a story from a distinct point of view.


RADform brings together unique and inspired furniture, lighting, wallpaper and design accessories from around the world. Each item is handpicked not only for its design attributes, but also for the high quality of its materials and construction. These are not just products you will live with; they are items you will fall in love with.


We curate world’s latest design ideas, including the works of both established designers and emerging masters, and bring them to you. The unique design language of each item is seductive and captivating while representing innovation and creativity.



RADform is the exclusive retailer and agent for furniture, lighting, wallpaper and accessories by several European manufacturers.


We invite you to browse our catalog to discover them for yourself.