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This wallpaper is a creative project in continuous evolution expressing styles, trends and evocative designs. Founded by an Italian publicity and fashion photographer, it pushes the creative boundaries of what can be achieved in the world of wall coverings. The founder, as art director, has collaborated with various artists to compile extensive collections that are adventurous and eye-catching. Eschewing repeats and traditional graphics in favour of custom room-sized works of art.

The beauty of this wallpaper line lies in its transformative power. Even architecturally plain spaces can be transformed at relatively low cost. In addition to residential environments, many successful installations are in restaurants, hotel lobbies and retail locations.

You can see sample applications by clicking the PROJECTS link from the Main Menu of our Website.
Digital images are customizable in height, width, color and even position of design elements. - The designs are meant to be scaled to fit the size of your wall, therefore, they do not come in standard rolls. - A rendering from the manufacturer is provided to confirm the graphics before ordering. - All the designs are available for indoor, outdoor and wet areas, such as bathrooms and showers. - Commercial ASTM E – 84, certification Class 1.
Gio Pagani